Monday, September 10, 2012

Dancer, Isaac Hernandez, Wants to Launch Ballet in Mexico

As a young boy, Isaac Hernandez developed a passion for ballet. However, Mexico is a country dominated by soccer and boxing and at the time, ballet was not a main stream activity, so at age 12, Hernandez left home and moved to Philadelphia to study ballet at the Rock School for Dance Education. 

Today, Isaac Hernandez is an internationally acclaimed dancer performing in locations from Moscow to Mississippi and was chosen for many crucial roles beginning with a breakout performance in a Tchaiskovsky ballet, where he danced with the lead prima ballerina, Tina LeBlanc, for the San Francisco Ballet. Most recently, he joined the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam as a soloist, yet despite this success, he has only performed in Mexico once.  

Hernandez returned to dance in his native country last November, appearing at the Bellas Artes theater in a program he called "A Moment to Dream," referring to his desire to bring ballet to Mexico. Last week he was back, this time organizing a gala performance called "Awakenings" at Mexico's much larger National Auditorium.

Mexico has produced numerous prima ballerinas, yet much of the country is unaware of these talented dancers. Hernandez is determined to highlight this art form and revolutionize ballet in Mexico. He has recently spent a significant amount of time in Mexico leading ballet workshops for students at art schools and universities around the country. He wants to act as a role model for young students with a passion for ballet. In a recent interview with the Huffington post Hernandez commented, "That's the way we have to do it, little by little. It's not going to change from today to tomorrow," Hernandez said. "Mexico and the world are full of problems more important than the loss of culture. But that's what makes us so crazy, to lose the small things that at the end of the day make us more human, that thing called art."


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